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Canadian Political Leaders:

Canada is having an election on May 2nd. One of the big issues in this election has been voter apathy. This seems incredible, considering the number of people in the Middle East right now who are, literally, dying for the right to elect a leader.

I’m proud to say that young voters have suddenly sat up and taken notice. They’ve been organising “vote mobs” around political events, to show the federal party leaders that they’re interested, engaged, and planning to vote.

But I still hear people saying “meh. Politics are boring. It won’t make a difference if I don’t vote”.

So I made poseable action figures of Canada’s federal party leaders to show that voting is cool, and politics can be fun.

These sculptures are done completely by hand in polymer clay and have moveable ball-joint arms. Their faces were scultped with loving detail and a lot of reference to photos of each leader.
Each action figure comes with accessories.

So, if you live in Canada, get out and vote!

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